Northern Sydney Cycling Club partners with the Northside Cycling Academy (NSCA) in its work to develop Junior Cyclists with the required skills, training and knowledge to become elite High Performance cyclists in Road, Track or Mountain Biking.

NSCA was founded by Helmut Vetisch and Michael Moit, who have been involved in training and developing Junior Cyclists on the North Shore since 2003.

The Academy provides a safe, enjoyable environment and encourages long term participation of young people between the ages of 9 years to U / 23’s. It endeavours to nurture, educate and have fun with cycling.

The Academy welcomes All Junior Riders from North Shore Region and Cycling Clubs.

The H.A.R.T Driver Training School facility at St Ives has been supporting the Academy since 2007, by providing the use of their facility in enabling the academy to have a designated, safe training facility that can be used on Saturday mornings all year round, and Tuesday evenings during daylight saving.

Please contact Helmut Vetisch (Head Cycling Coach) on 0473 180 096 or vetisch@optusnet.com.au for more details.

Summer training program

• Terrey Hills Yulong Avenue  on Saturday Mornings at 7.20 am to 8.45 am – advanced riders only

• Hart Motor Bike Training School at St Ives ( Old Driving School ) Tuesday nights at 6 pm to 7.30 pm

Winter training program

• Organised advanced Junior Group Training on Tuesday Nights at Terrey Hills Yulong Avenue  at 6 pm to 8.00 pm.

The vision of the NorthSide Cycling Academy is to develop & enhance Junior Cyclists with the required skills, training and knowledge of becoming a good elite High Performance cyclists on the Road, Track and Mountain Biking.


Juniors are encouraged to participate in the criterium racing run by Northern Sydney Cycling on the 2nd Sunday of each month (refer to the Calendar for more details).

Juniors from all Cycling Clubs are welcome to join in at North Sydney Cycling Club Racing and have their own Division of racing every second Sunday of the month all year round as indicated in the cycling calendar.

All U /13’s to U/15’s junior racing are under the guidance of Helmut Vetisch.

All U/ 17’s, U /19’s to U/23’s juniors are then graded to the respected grades as per Helmut’s grading.


NSCC has a premier program to develop our emerging talent into NRS-level riders. This is called the NSCC Elite Development Program, aka #DogSquad.

The program aim is to provide highly intensive and individually-customised coaching and training for selected club riders who have the potential to graduate to NRS team racing.

The #DogSquad was founded by club legend and World pro-tour rider Justin Mad Dog Morris and is now jointly run by Mad Dog and Mick Cupitt who recently retired from the NRS scene where was one of the top riders and NRS team leaders in Australia.

The program is in its 3rd year and provides specialised coaching – including addressing the mental aspects of preparing for top level racing – training days and customised coaching and nutrition programs so that these riders learn from the best under a structured program.

The members of the #DogSquad receive full custom kit, access to coaching and free race entry to named events in the race calendar. There is no cost to squad members.

Graduates of the program who have moved up to NRS level are:

Angus Calder

Nero KOM Racing

Tom Green

GPM Stultz (now on a contract in France for an FDJ feeder squad)

Dan Newman

MainPac Racing

The 2018 #DogSquad members are:

Angus Pearson
Jack Renshaw
Chris Hinds
Matt Vassilieff
Lachie Sky

Participation is by invitation only – riders are usually selected from Helmut Vetisch’s Northside Cycling Academy program but open to any club member. NSCC will consider riders from other clubs for the program although anyone from another club selected for the squad would need to transfer to NSCC.

NSCC has a premier program to develop our emerging talent into NRS-level riders. This is called the NSCC Elite Development Program, aka the #DogSquad.

Enquiries regarding applying can be directed to