why become a member of northern sydney cycling club?

Membership Types


club membership


A non-riding membership is for all of those working hard behind the scenes to make sure cycling events, programs and races happen around Australia each week.

This membership is for coaches, officials, volunteers, administrators and staff working in the sport.


social riding


Become part of our club, get the insurance cover you need, join our bunch riders and access other member benefits such as club kit at great prices and training days.


competition level


Racing membership packages allow you to get the most out of your cycling and keep you protected whenever you’re on your bike, whether it’s when you’re training, racing or riding.

For those of you who want to take your riding to the next level, a Racing membership is what you’re looking for. Our Racing Membership is designed specifically for riders who plan to ride competitively, from juniors through to masters, in over 3,000 state and club run events each year.

please ensure you identify your intention to race prior to obtaining your membership to ensure you are compliant come race day!
Membership Benefits
All NSCC Members  – social and racing – get access to high quality club clothing at discounted prices.  We choose the best cycling kit manufacturers to ensure quality.  This member benefit is possible through the generosity of our club sponsors.
All members can join in club-sponsored bunch rides, participate in skills and training days and of course all are covered by personal liability insurance, through Cycling Australia’s insurance provider.

Racing members require a race licence to compete in club races and all races in Australia.

how to apply

Cycling Australia manages the membership process for NSCC.  Please go to their membership website and then select “more” on lifestyle member, select your Age Group and click whether you’d like to pay for Annual or Monthly. Ensure that you choose “Northern Sydney CC” as the club. Finally complete your personal details and pay with your credit card. Your membership request will then be sent to NSCC for final approval. NB: The cost of joining NSCC is the same cost if you don’t join a club, all the more reason to be part of a great club and have the benefits that come with it!

how to transfer

You no longer need to complete a transfer form if you are already a member of another club. Simply get in touch with Cycling Australia on (03) 9998 6810 and they will arrange the transfer and send your details to NSCC for approval. We suggest transferring clubs prior to renewing your membership.

how to renew

Cycling Australia will then send you reminders to renew your membership each year – which you do via the same website.