NSCC Beauie Worlds Criterium


Date(s) - 16 Jun
Sun 08:30 AM - Sun 10:00 AM


Beaumont Road Mount Kuring-gai



Racing Starts 9:00am
Sign On 8:30am

$20 Adults
$10 Juniors
$15 Women (Prize for first women in grade)

Cold drinks are on sale for $2.00.

A Grade 55 min+2 lap(41km/h +) WHITE RACE NUMBER
B Grade 45 min+2 (38km/h +) YELLOW RACE NUMBER
C Grade 35 min+2 (35km/h +) GREEN RACE NUMBER
D Grade 25 min+2 (30km/h +) BLUE RACE NUMBER

Racing is conducted on a “Hot Dog Circuit” with 2, 180 degree hairpin turns.
Please observe road rules whilst racing and respect other road users. Riders are asked to race without taking unnecessary risks (we have a good safety record at Beauie and we would like to preserve it). Please follow directions from officials before during and after the race.

All riders must have a current CA License and an Australian Standards Approved helmet.
Same model helmet without Australian Standards Approval will NOT be accepted.

Club or sanctioned CNSW kit is preferable to acknowledge sponsors within the sport. Plain kit is also OK.

Weather is a factor in conducting safe racing as our circuit has some tight turns to negotiate at the turnarounds. We will try and provide as advanced notice as possible via NSCC Facebook Page or Twitter.

Beaumont Road is a public road, and the club has both council and NSW Police approval to conduct this race.
At NO TIMES a CLOSED ROAD. Trained Traffic Controllers ensure the safe passage of vehicles whilst the race is in progress.