St Leonards Espresso/FOT


Date(s) - 27 May
Thu 06:10 AM - Thu 08:00 AM


Pearces Corner



A small bunch of NSCC riders can usually be found leaving Pearce’s Corner at 6:10am for the St Leonards Espresso Ride.

COVID-19 requirements:

We are asking all riders on Le Reve to do the following while COVID-19 restrictions are in place:

• Ensure your club membership and contact details are current
• Download Strava and join the NSCC Strava group
• Register your attendance on the club ride page for each club ride (eg El Prez, Le Reve etc) before attending
• When finishing your ride, ensure it is set to public.

This will enable us to track who attends what ride for contact tracing purposes, regardless of where and when you jump on and off the bunch. As most riders are on Strava already, using this means minimal changes to how we already conduct our rides.

If you are not a current member (eg you are planning on joining soon and want to ‘try out’ a bunchie) please contact the committee either via the club FB page or email secretary1@northernsydneycyclingclub with your contact details before attending a ride.

In addition:

• Riders are encouraged to download and run the Covidsafe appMove to Trash
• Do not turn up if you have experienced respiratory symptoms or if they have had contact with anyone with coronavirus in the last 14 days
• Follow social distancing rules when not riding
• Be self-sufficient in terms of food and drink.

The ride heads down the Pacific Hwy to Turramurra, then left into Kuring-gai Ave and Pentecost St through to Mona Vale Road. We then turn onto McCarrs creek road and head out through Church Point. From Church Point, it is south along Pittwater Road to the Spit Bridge, and then through the back streets through Cremorne to Crows Nest for coffee and breakfast. After breakfast, there are usually riders heading to the city, North Ryde and some back to Hornsby.

A ‘B’ group (aka the ‘Kevpetto’) will occasionally leave from Pearces at 6am for riders who don’t feel up to the normal scorching pace. This is usually still a fast ride (32kph+) but is less ferocious up the bergs. This isn’t a regular group however, so if you turn up at 6am and no one’s at Pearces, either set out on your own or try and hold on to the 6.10 group.

NB: This is considered a drop ride and is fast, it is not for the faint of heart but if you want some mid-week intensity then this is where you can get it!

Attire: Wear whatever you like. Race cut is best as you’ll need every aero gain you can get!
Distance: 70 KM