El Presidente


Date(s) - 07 Mar
Sat 06:10 AM - Sat 09:00 AM


Pearces Corner



This is the club’s flagship ride and is considered the fastest of the clubs sanctioned Saturday morning rides. The ride commences at Pearces Corner at 6:10AM and passes Hornsby Pool about 6:15 – 6:20am where it picks up another group of riders. The  ride then descends through Bobbin Head, through St Ives and out to Terrey Hills. From Terrey Hills turn off some riders choose to turn left to hook up with the Le Reve rider, most head down through Akuna Bay and then back up to the top. We wait to regroup then head swiftly back to Pierres Coffee shop at Turramurra at approx 8.20am where we meet up with the riders from Le Reve. After the morning coffee there are two choices to get back to Hornsby, some riders who are short of time usually head straight up the highway to Hornsby, others will descend through Bobbin Head one more time before heading back to Hornsby.

Attire: Club kit is expected to be worn on this ride.